Property Development

Our property development business operates practical residential and commercial development projects located in strategic areas across the country.

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Billboard Advertising

Our outdoor media solution business develops and operates a variety of unique and innovative outdoor media across Malaysia which allows our clients to deliver their messages in an effective, impactful and timely manner.

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Highway R&R Development

Our highway rest and relax area development business operates the best rest and relax areas across Malaysia with top-tier facilities in terms of safety, services, cleanliness and convenience.

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Renewable Energy

Our renewable energy business partners with various institutional clients to develop, operate and maintain solar power and hydropower generation system across Malaysia.

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Timber Logging & Replanting

Our forest management business pioneers the provision of sustainable forest solutions to improve on the current forest density and forest yield across Peninsular Malaysia.

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Telco Facilities NFP

Our telecommunication facilities business develops and offers for rental a series of base stations and antennas located across Malaysia to telecommunication companies for network connectivity across Malaysia.

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Sand Mining

Our sand mining business operates a clean, efficient and quality production of sand which is led by a team of vastly experienced operators and governed by a set of stringent operating standards.

Defense & Security

To Supply, provide Maintenance and Logistic the defense equipment, weapon and system to Malaysia Defense and Security Industry.

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Our construction arm provides the construction and engineering solutions of the best quality to well-known property development companies across Malaysia.