We have transformed
from a property development company
to a diversified holding company

Masmeyer at a glance

Established in 2002

Masmeyer Holdings Sdn Bhd has transformed from a property development company to a diversified holding company with six core business lines

Fundamental of Masmeyer

Masmeyer has nurtured relationships built on trust with our stakeholders from each level of our business chain. We are committed to improving the quality of life for people living in Malaysia, supporting the economic growth and the sustainability of natural resources.
Our core values

Our operations and business approach

Always adhere to our Core Values, which form solid pillars on which the Group can grow. The Core Values have been an intrinsic part of how we do business since the establishment of our business and they have helped us to advance and grow our business sustainably with accountability.


Masmeyer has always operated our business by adhering to the customer-first principle. We are devoted to giving our customers the best experience of doing business with us and we are willing to go extra miles to surpass our customers’ expectations.


The business environment changes from day to day and such change is a challenge to every business in Malaysia. Masmeyer’s key strategy is to practice continual self-improvement in order for us to better cope with the ever-changing business environment. To ensure this, we encourage our employees to reflect and improve themselves in a continual manner so that we can deliver more to our customers.


At Masmeyer, we have a belief that nobody can achieve success alone. Hence, we encourage our employees to work in teams and teamwork is one of the most important elements which set us apart from our industry peers.