The honourable legacy
exciting journey of our group


Our milestones from 2002 until 2020

The exciting journey of Masmeyer from a humble beginning to an established and diversified group of companies which have made considerable contribution to the country’s economy and societal development


Masmeyer ventured into the construction and project consultancy industries


Masmeyer ventured into the forest management industry through its subsidiary Timber Logging (Malaysia)


Masmeyer undertook a venture into real estate investment


Masmeyer started to engage in outdoor advertising through its subsidiary Yoohoo Media


Masmeyer established Masmeyer Foundation to help the underprivileged


Masmeyer began to venture into the businesses of highway rest and relax area development and telecommunication facilities through its subsidiaries of Apollo Energy Resources as well as Rider & Driver. In the same year, First Home was officially incorporated as the property development arm of Masmeyer whilst Masmeyer changed its business nature to investment holding


Timber Logging (Malaysia) was re-branded as Grand Timber (Malaysia) as part of the company's transformation into a sustainable timber company


The year of 2020 marks a brand-new beginning for the Masmeyer Group as well as the inception of an era of breakthrough for the group of companies. It's going to be an exciting journey for the Masmeyer Group.