We are committed
to create a sustainable
future for the community


The future starts now

We aspire to be a corporate citizen with the corporate conscience to do the right thing for the communities and make the world a prosperous place. Therefore, we are committed to create a sustainable future for the community by investing in sustainable businesses and charitable activities which will bring change and positive impacts to societal development. Let’s go on a journey to create an exciting future.

Our Foundation

Masmeyer Holdings is dedicated to reciprocating the support from society by investing in a series of corporate social responsibilities through its charity unit Masmeyer Foundation.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Giving back to the community

We enjoy giving back to the community and we take the responsibility to serve the community very seriously. In relation to that, Masmeyer created its charitable foundation – Masmeyer Foundation to help the underprivileged from the aspect of health care, education as well as environment protection.

Vision of the Foundation

Masmeyer Foundation envisages a world where love is spread, and it is entitled to by everyone especially the underprivileged.

Mission Statement

Masmeyer Foundation aims to spread love in the world through the empowerment and fostering of leaders who will bring positive change to the world.

Main Pillars

Four main pillars of the foundation

Every initiative of Masmeyer Foundation is supported by the following four main pillars of the foundation:

Be a positive energy giver
Creates transformative change in human lives
Engineers synergy effect which propels social progress
Creates impactful and sustaining activities which are beneficial to the society